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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Little Story of Me

Hi, I am Nadia. I am a post-graduate student college, the owner of this blog. The day of the day, I was trying to fill this page. But you know what? I can't do it perfectly. I wrote many kind of words, then I was ready to publish it. But the reality is, I deleted all my writing. Yes! I can't post those all writing I had. For very long time ago, I have a dream, dreaming about many things. One of those is I wanna be a good writer someday. Passing the time and time, I am life well. I write something, but as always. I have never showed my writing to others. Then people suggested me to share my writing and encouraging me that, "People created something, not because their creating is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes! Let show your writing to others". I though very hard for this. But you know what? What am I really feeling is not about I am afraid people will judge me, NO! I was thinking that I am not too confidence to post is just because I felt that this (my writing) is not too good to read by people.

I was signing up a blog account since I was at Senior High School. I make the template, the design, the picture for my background, the main theme of my blog. Yas, I did! But I did nothing after that. Then I signed up my new blog account when I was at university, the reality I made an online shop to fill my blog. I signed up three times, then I fill it to share my task and report when I was studying at university. Everything I did is writing at the microsoft word, then I only saved it in my laptop. Never posting anything about writing on my blog.

You know? This is my 4th blog account. I signed up at 2016, but I am writing this post at May 30, 2017. Because I am too confused, I'm feeling too old to write on blog page like this. I liked share my experience at social media, like Instagram or YouTube. Yas! I prefer saying and speaking anything in the video. I don't know why? Maybe because in the video I don't need to set my gramatical? Maybe there is other reason? The day when I wrote some words at my some post on Instagram Story. I was writing about my experience in life. It was about how I survive and pass my very hard journey in life. My friend was sending me DM. Our conversation was like this:

When the conversation was happen, I'm trying to think so hard. Why I can't do anything? Why I try so hard to write something, but the final I get nothing from it? The purposes of writing are to be read by others. Then why I am stuck at the moment?

I reach my laptop as fast like lightning. I connect my wi-fi, then I access my blog. I click new entry. Then yeah, I wrote this.

By this very first posting, I want to start my journey in this blog. I want to create something but writing. I want to share anything to people which has positive side. I want to share everything which has many advantages and be able to inspire people. Just be me with my experience. I think It's better to share my experience with good and positive way than I am only be silent and make it a G.A.L.A.U (stress, negative thinking, etc). I know so much I am not a very good person. But I think never feeling old to share anything. Better late than never, am I right?

So yeah, I hope you enjoy my writing. I hope my second writing will be post soon. Because you know what? Now I feel really life again. Thank you for my friend. Once more, sometimes we can't realize what kind of situation will come to us. We also can predict from who and where we got a spirit. God gives as some surprise randomly without we think about that.

That's all. See you.

Let's spread knowledge with love,