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Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Aloha! It has been a very long day for not reviewing any kind of lipstick and today is very exciting day! I am gonna show you the cutest lipstick ever on this month. You knew that Korea always has a special space in every korean woman addict, is it? A few days ago I got a chance to try ROM&AND, you can call it with Romand Matte Zero Gram Lipstick. There are two shades that I have and I can not wait to show you guys! Here are face of the products.


The prooduct has a very girly packaging that made from paper box. At the front side you will se the detail brand name and kind of product, Rom&nd zero gram lipstick, of course. The other side of packaging you are gonna see product explanations that show in Hangeul (Korean language). The shades of the lipstick was shown at the packaging too.

I could not be a good liar, so that's way I said the truth about this beauty packaging. Inside the box there is a lipstick with very light weight, so it was famous with name "zero gram lipstick". Okay, it was very light weight I said. With the silver color you will see the Rom&nd brand name at the packaging of lipstick. If you are turned the packaging, the product will be showed and it was very beautiful color.


The products have eight shades and I have two of them. They are sweet pea and dusty pink, which have very beautiful color. If you asked me to choose which one that I love, I saild Dusty Pink! It's sooo meee, dude πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


At the first time I applied that on my lips, I felt it's too dry and need a little bit push for applying. In repeating apply, It was be so easier and smooth to apply. The finish was light weight (like the packaging claimed, zero gram, xoxo) and matte. I used it for my daily makeup look and it helped me so much by creating a very comfort lip condition. The texture feels like I am not applying any kind of product on my lips. A holy grail for a matte lipstick that hae a zero gram and high coverage. My dark color of the lips was closed well.

Although it is a matte lipstick but if you ate with no attitude (LOL πŸ˜‚) like food with too much oil, the products will be less than the first time you applied it, not at all. 

$ 15.80



You can buy it on Hicharis
(klik this link:
and you will get the special price $12.99 if purchasing on that.

Knowing with honest that the product shipped are from another country. Of course you will spend more money and time for shipping and waiting products arrived at your home. I hope Charis can upgrade and we can get in the stock and shipping from Indonesia.

Of course I will, if I see Rom&nd ero gram lipstick can be local shipped 😚😚😚

* Matte
* Light weight
* Long lasting

* Pricey
* Easy to broke
* Expensive shipping


Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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